And this Little Piggy Went to the Market

It is the right of any twenty something to spend a day at any sort of markets. Now, just because you were dragged there by someone doesn’t mean it isn’t a right of passage, trust me, it is.

I love Markets. I love the people, the stalls and the atmosphere. Obviously I have a preference for food markets, I cannot resist checking out fresh produce, unique chocolates and everything in between. Flea markets and the sort, however, I don’t always enjoy. Don’t sell me a t-shirt that is eaten by moths and charge me $50, just because you’ve labelled it vintage. Those people need to just take a step back.

Leaving that one gripe behind, I do have some favourite markets and a loonnnggg list of markets I need to visit very, very, very soon.

And I am one lucky girl. Sydney is spoilt in its choice of markets. So, here is a nice clean list of my favourites and wish list, with a few reasons why on the ones I love most:

The Favourites

Sydney Vegan Markets

I am not a vegan. I don’t think I ever will be, but some of my closest friends are vegan and I will scout high and low to make sure they get to have great experiences too. This is a bit of a mish- mash of a market: you’ve got food, you’ve got clothing, you’ve candles and you’ve got your activists, but all in all a great market.

Cambridge Markets EQ

Tramsheds Grower’s Markets

Want a market just for awesome food and artisan delights? This is the one for you. If you want to try something or just purchase some really good quality fresh fruits and veggies or meats, just go. You’ll thank me later

The Wish List

Umina Beach Market

Bulli Forager’s Market

The one time I’ve done the Grand Pacific Drive, I packed myself up got on the road and took my bomb of a car and drove along the Grand Pacific Drive. For anyone that knows me best, this fact alone is hilarious because I hate driving, but it was worth it. The downside? I went on Saturday and kept seeing signs for the Bulli Market and it has intrigued me ever since. One day I will get there, when I’m ready to get in the seat of a car for that long again.


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