A day in Paddington

Usually when you say Paddington to me, I think of Paddington Bear and the cute little bear he is and the joy I get from the movies. I also think of the beautiful Sydney suburb. You can find Paddington straddled between the City, Bondi and Centennial Park. It’s a gorgeous little place, that yes is a little bougie, but window shopping never hurt nobody and is a great place for awesome food. If I was to spend a whole day in Paddington, this is where I would go, starting off with breakfast:

Infinity Bakery

I have an addiction to croissants. It’s not a lie and I am the verge of buying a plane ticket to get the best croissants in Melbourne, but to keep me going until then I will happily suffice for Infinity Bakery. Infinity Bakery have an awesome selection of pastries, my favourite is the almond croissant which goes great with a hot chocolate or cappuccino.

Grab a table by the window and enjoy the sun as you people watch and start the day right.

Reservoir Gardens

After you’ve had your fill at Infinity Bakery, get a coffee to go and take a tour just across the road to the Reservoir Gardens to sleep off your pastry coma. It a little oasis and you will almost always find someone tapping away at a laptop or basking in the sun.

I like to think I’m being transported to some ancient Roman garden and living a completely new life when I’m here.

Ampersand Bookstore and Cafe

I love books, I love coffee, I love food and at Ampersand they are together combined in perfect harmony. Personally I prefer grabbing a takeaway coffee and just browsing the bookshelves, especially upstairs with all the old school art books and lounging in the armchair under the window.

Pollon Flowers

Want roses that actually smell like roses? Want something that is completely instagrammable and the florists just let you roam and take pictures? This is your shop. Pollon Flowers offers everything and more and draws you in with the colours and selection available.

If I were to only receives flowers for every Christmas and Birthday I would be one happy gal, and Pollon Flowers hits the goldmine.

The Village Inn

The Village Inn is my kind of pub. There isn’t much there that cannot disappoint. An honest bartender who will straight up tell you the rosĂ© you are ordering is crap and pours you the better one, a simple menu that executed awesomely and a picturesque view of the street below. It is an awesome last stop for a late lunch and drinks into evening. You may even stay on for trivia, and if that’s not yours style, do not hesitate to have a shop around the place. If that was an option, I would most definitely be in Mecca Maxima blowing the budget on unnecessary skincare and makeup.

Most of the photos in this post come from the great Claire, show her some love too if you like this post.


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